Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's that time of year when our grandmother's voice speaks to our heart, mind and soul....."You must "spring clean"! What does that mean? I think this was the time of year when windows were washed, storm windows removed and screens put in their place. Well.....most of us don't have to worry about that chore (*whew*) so I am thinking of what other tasks should be completed. One task that no one should overlook is to change out or clean your HVAC (furnace/air) filter. I am completely guilty of forgetting that area....and it's important in my house with 4 kitty-cats and 2 dogs! Fur will clog that filter sooooo fast and then your HVAC system loses its efficiency ! I do think washing windows---inside and out---is a fabulous idea! In theory. I really do! So, if you have the time or the energy-----have at it! And while you're at it.....would you like to head on over to my house and do mine?? Another important (and timely) item is to check and change the batteries in your smoke alarms! This is something that should be done in the fall and spring. Just an easy way to "schedule" (and remember) this lifesaving task. Speaking of fire thing most of us never think of is the dryer and the vent system. This is one area of GREAT concern! Lint can become trapped or build up, creating a serious fire hazard in the home. You can buy Vent Trap (and hose) cleaning systems at Lowe's or Home Depot----any hardware store in your local area. Or, if you're like me, shop online! Here's a link to and their page of cleaning systems. Other than the above tasks, I feel that Spring Cleaning means to deep clean your home, organize, stow away all remains (and evidence) of winter, and ready the house and family for the warmer weather. And that is exciting enough for me! I will gladly jump into the foray of cleaning products, Rubbermaid storage containers, glass/window cleaners, mops and brooms!! BRING ON SUMMER!!!! For me and my home, we will be ready!! I hope you will "happy dance" in the sun and warmth with me!!!!

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