Friday, July 22, 2011

Homemade Pool Signs....

I am busying myself with making signs for our pool area! They will actually be hung in the outdoor kitchen/building. We will be starting that in mid-August. *Ugh....more construction!*
I started by buying unpainted wooden plaques at AC Moore. I bought two of the larger rectangle ones, two of the larger ovals, and one of each smaller size. I then painted them with Glidden's "Pacific Khaki" as the base color.
I also purchased small, wooden, decorative pieces to paint. Palm trees, life preservers, anchors and 'architectural flourishes'. I painted each small piece and am deciding on where to use each one.
This is a close up of the palm trees I painted. I even added 'coconuts' to each one! :)
My first sign is all about MERMAIDS!! I lightly drew the Mermaid with a pencil, on top of the painted plaque, then began painting her. As a redhead, I decided my mermaid should have read hair, also!! {hey---I'm allowed some creative license!}
This is my finished "Mermaids Welcome" plaque. I used the flourishes on opposite corners of this sign. I had painted them white, then did a wash in a light blue. I did the same to the plaque, itself. I learned a GREAT technique to painting on your own letters! I will post the link to that blog in a separate entry.
I have many others to'm off to paint! I will post photos as I go.....What are y'all doing to 'let loose' your creative beast???

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