Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finished Pool Signs

I have finally finished the signs for our outdoor/pool building! The construction will begin {yay} in February or March. Here is one I made just for 'us'......
We will have a 1/2 bath at the left end of the building. The plumbing and septic lines are already installed and ready for us to begin......So, here is a sign for the bathroom door.
This sign contains a portion of my absolute favorite inspires me and makes me *oh-so-happy*!!!
In honor of my girlie-friends, I made a Mermaid sign.....we're all welcome here!!! I love this....
And----inspired by Las Vegas, I created this next sign.......and we promise, it's our truth!!!
This final sign was created as a gift for my brother and his wife.....the 'year' is not as clear in this photo, but it's "1985"......they live in Florida and also have a pool. Thought this was the perfect anniversary present for them to hang near their pool!!
I sure enjoyed creating these signs!! I hope they've inspired you to do some creating of your own!!!! There are many ways to use these signs and many creative *sayings* or favorite quotes!!