Saturday, March 19, 2011


So, today was spent with friends. Why was it so exhausting?? Why do I feel as though I didn't speak a full sentence in 5 hours?! I'm serious! Do you ever have those kind of souls in your life? The kind that you love, you know there's a heart of gold just beating away in their chest, but they just SUCK the ever-lovin' life right out of you! Any of you have those?


I'm tired. It was a beautiful day that started out cloudy and looked like the sky was going to open up and pour rain down upon us and our cookout. But, it didn't! The sun pushed those clouds right out of our way and shone down upon us....with a smile! The food was typical, pedestrian 'cookout' food.....lots of mayonnaise and charred meats. The kids were running around, screamin' and yellin', getting into trouble, and even doing a bit of arguing and bickering of their own!

I'm home my living room. Which, by the way, is close to being done! The touch up paint is done now. THAT was a chore all by itself. My quart of touch up paint was in a different finish than the original paint! So.........after I had already painted a bunch of spots, I had to go buy a gallon of the color in an Eggshell finish. I pretty much had to re-paint most of the entire walls! Ugh. But----it's done. I have just a few pieces on the walls.....that is all I want. As I clear out my house, I find that I am doing the same with my life.....clearing out the clutter and only leaving the LOVE.

I have a new rug to put in the living room. It's an oval, braided rug in browns. Trying to keep the floor simple and using accents and color in the other accessories in the room. Red is the accent color of choice. I just love it with this "Blue Shamrock" color. It's a bit cottag-y and I'm in love with the comfort of that decor.

Now I have to switch gears and come up with some design ideas for my daughter's new home. I've purchased a few decor items, have the color scheme and a pretty good idea of what I want it to look like. There is one area of "concern"......the floor plan is pretty open and the living room 'flows' into the dining area of the kitchen. A chair rail starts in one corner of the dining area, but just ENDS where the "living area" starts. So, how to paint that? How to deliniate that wall? It's an interesting challenge. Do I use fabric to create a small 'divider'? Do I use molding in a vertical fashion to create a 'line'? Hmmmm.......time to do some research.

I am wondering if others notice a correlation between their life and their home?!? Does clutter bespeak of a "cluttered" life? Does an empty room echo into the empty life? Does a multi-purposed (but disaster) of a room convey the confusion that is felt in its human?? Any answers out there in this wired-together world??

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