Saturday, November 26, 2011

New Paint for Bedroom & Bathroom

I finally painted the master bathroom & bedroom! It only took me over a YEAR to choose a color. I thought, at first, of using a neutral color scheme....taupe, beige, bone, etc....
The room was painted a golden color ("Spool" by Martha Stewart) and I was so tired of it. In looking at paint swatches, I decided to move completely away from the beige and 'yellow' tones.
After months of staring at the beige paint swatches~~~taped to the walls~~~I moved onto 'greens'. Those color swatches stayed taped to the wall for a couple of months before I grew tired of them.
I then experimented with gray tones. I love that gray is the 'new' neutral. My guest bathroom is done is gray and red. I was afraid that the gray would be too dark in our small bedroom and bathroom, so those tones were also put aside.

I then started leaning towards the blue/gray family of colors. After months of indecision, I had finally whittled the swatches down to two colors. At this point, I desperately needed help choosing, so----I called in the hubby!!
His favorite ended up being "Tradewinds"~~~a paint from Lowe's. So---before I changed my mind, to Lowe's I went!!! Here are some photos of the end result....I haven't hung any artwork yet.....ugh.
More decisions....what to hang and where to hang it!!! :)

We did hang the mirror and the wallmount LED fireplace.....that's it for now!

Yes, the kitty is already snuggled up on the bed!!

This is the quilt colors.

I love how the mirror reflects the window!

I removed the big ol' mirror and like this smaller, white mirror much better! I also took the wicker baskets that I use for 'everyday' items and spray painted them with a nickel spray paint!

So, it's now onto hanging pictures and deciding what to edit. *Whew* glad the hard part is over with!!!

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