Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of many BLUNDERS!!!

I am working on the master bathroom. I have painted the sink cabinet/vanity white to cover the ugly "contractor special" medium oak.
The wall paint has FINALLY been chosen, and the big mirror (just a huge 'slab' of mirror) has been taken off the wall.
I have ordered (and received) the new mirror, some new shelving and also ordered some beautiful depression glass knobs and pulls for the cabinet.
The cabinet never had any knobs or pulls on it, and I have always wanted to add them. I gave up on the hubby ever installing them and bought my own drill and 'cheater' template to install them myself.
{this is where the fun begins}
I drilled 8 holes and properly and put the new hardware on. See below.....
I had just said to myself...."Hey! I can handle this!" *Ahem* Famous last words, right???
So, on the LAST cabinet door, I drilled the top hole----no problem. As I was drilling the bottom hole-----------------
YEP!!! The daggum thing split!!!!! Must've hit a long grain in the wood. I cursed myself by thinking I was just cruising right along.
I promptly threw the drill down and walked out of the room. I guess today, the door will have to come off and use some wood glue and clamps to put the door back together again!!
Oh well.....just another day in DIY'ing!!!! How do you deal with blunders & mistakes????

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  1. yikes! that sux. i usually try to do things myself, mess it up, then have the husband come behind me and fix it. ha!