Thursday, January 12, 2012

Confusion & Clutter in the Craft Room

Here we go.....
Time for me to 'fess up and show you the utter chaos that has been the Craft Room/Office. After school, home improvement projects, scrapbooking and Christmas crafting~~I am embarrassed to share this with you all, but I know that we all have our "secret" mess!
My promise to myself and to my hubby was that I WOULD organize and clean this room, so that it is a usable space~~~~NOT an overgrown-closet or storage room.
The following are my "before" photos. I am about 3/4 of the way finished and will post a new blog when the room is complete!!
Upon opening the door, you are greeted with the above!
This is "supposed" to be my crafting counter...*ahem*....not so much, eh??
And this area is supposed to be the computer/office work-area.
Paint cans, paint supplies, empty boxes, etc....cover the floor!
I'm so excited about the progress I've is going to be the big day where I actually paint some. I love the chocolate brown on the computer & craft counter walls, but I have never cared for the 'goldish' color on the window & closet walls. So, I'm going to paint over those!!
Wish me LUCK!!!

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