Thursday, January 5, 2012

Paper Flowers

The Christmas decorations have been put away, so it's time to think of what to do with the foyer table! {again}

I decided to create my own 'art' and make some paper flowers out of extra tissue paper left from wrapping Christmas gifts. {we ALL have that, right??}
To start, I cut the paper into strips, about 3-4" wide.....

Starting at one end, I folded the paper~~~

Fold the paper all the way to the end, cutting off any excess that is left. Trim the end into an oval, a "point", or you can create many cuts in the end of the paper. You then begin rolling and scrunching it together to create the flower petals. {This took practice for me!!}

Once I had the shape I wanted, I twisted the leftover end, creating a "stem" and wrapped tape around it to hold it.

I created different shapes by making different cuts at the end of the folded paper. Here is a 'rose'......

Here is how the table is looking....

Yesterday, I started adding some red roses to the arrangement....still not sure if I like it. What is your opinion??

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  1. Ooooh, I love those! I like the pops of red, but I like just the gray/blue and white by itself too. Looks great!