Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Daughter's Blog Site

Please check out my daughter's blog site!! (I've included a link, plus it's now on my blog list.) She is so very creative and has included many tutorials to help you attempt her crafty projects

She also has links to some great websites that offer supplies, ideas or other tutorials. I think you will enjoy her blog.

There is a tutorial on how to make this beautiful birds that Danielle made for my Mother's Day

gift. I use them on card envelopes and I have used them as gift tags, also.

This is the tin she created to "house" my birds. Be sure to check out her tutorial on this wonderful way to use empty tea tins!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pool Plans.....Outdoor Kitchens!

The pool has been ordered! And now, the fun begins!! We ended up with a rectangle shape vs. a kidney shape....you get more pool for your money!! :) So, aesthetics vs. the almighty dollar!! We decided that the dollar would have to win this fight!

The pool will be a 16'x36' rectangle with 4' of brushed concrete around the entire perimeter. We will then continue the concrete around 3 sides of the pool to about 8'. That additional 4' will be stamped and dyed. On the 4th side of the pool (the one that faces the house and yard), the concrete will extend out to about a total of 12'....we haven't quite decided on how far out that will come out. It will also be stamped and dyed.

The pool will be solar heated....(to be explained in a bit) and will have a salt-water system. No chlorine for this redhead!! My 'sensitive' skin (heehee) can't take the harshness of chlorine.

Our hard work will come into play for the "pavillion" we want to build. It will house the outdoor 'kitchen', fireplace and seating area. The roof of this building will provide the space needed for the solar panels.

So, folks, now the design phase begins! Any suggestions or ideas? Here are some favs that I've found....