Friday, July 22, 2011

A Look At "How to create lettering".....

If you will go to this blog site, "Burlap & Blue", she has a fantastic tutorial on how to create painted lettering that looks like a 'pro' did it!!!
The post is dated July 12, truly works!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

Homemade Pool Signs....

I am busying myself with making signs for our pool area! They will actually be hung in the outdoor kitchen/building. We will be starting that in mid-August. *Ugh....more construction!*
I started by buying unpainted wooden plaques at AC Moore. I bought two of the larger rectangle ones, two of the larger ovals, and one of each smaller size. I then painted them with Glidden's "Pacific Khaki" as the base color.
I also purchased small, wooden, decorative pieces to paint. Palm trees, life preservers, anchors and 'architectural flourishes'. I painted each small piece and am deciding on where to use each one.
This is a close up of the palm trees I painted. I even added 'coconuts' to each one! :)
My first sign is all about MERMAIDS!! I lightly drew the Mermaid with a pencil, on top of the painted plaque, then began painting her. As a redhead, I decided my mermaid should have read hair, also!! {hey---I'm allowed some creative license!}
This is my finished "Mermaids Welcome" plaque. I used the flourishes on opposite corners of this sign. I had painted them white, then did a wash in a light blue. I did the same to the plaque, itself. I learned a GREAT technique to painting on your own letters! I will post the link to that blog in a separate entry.
I have many others to'm off to paint! I will post photos as I go.....What are y'all doing to 'let loose' your creative beast???

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Long Overdue Pool Update!

Pool water blue.....yep! It's done! We still have to begin the build on the outdoor kitchen/building, but the pool area is completed! I am including some pictures, just a few from an album filled with 140 photos! This one is the first dig......the place had to be leveled before the
pool company could begin their digging. We had two pine trees that also had to be removed. THAT was a scary process to watch, as they used the bulldozer to "remove" them!!

Next, the ground was prepped and ready for "The Pool Place" to take over........

The dig began without too many delays....we did have a few afternoon downpours and storms, but most work continued.....I have the red clay in my driveway and house to prove that!!

Once this was completed, the concrete company, "Huey Concrete" came in and did their miracle work! What a team of guys! They were amazingly quick, efficient and very professional!!

My friend, Diane, loved the big concrete truck!!

The forms were placed, the concrete poured and the smoothing and forming began.

And the drying time began. The new walkway is just incredible, too!!

We had landscaping done, and have now added low-voltage lighting all around the perimeter. Our view is incredible and we are feeling so blessed!! We've had family get-togethers, a large 4th of July cookout/party and are looking forward to building many new memories with family and friends.
This is a shot of our view.......we are so appreciative of our own little slice of "Heaven"