Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Wreath

I don't know about y'all, but I'm MORE than ready for the warmer weather to arrive & stay!

So, during my surgical-recovery-boredom, I made my own wreath!  I follow several blogs~~and these talented ladies make it look so easy!

Actually, it's NOT hard to do....I just have to let my need for perfection (*read OCD*) take a bit of a break.  'Cause, me and ribbon aren't exactly the best of friends!

So, here's a few pictures of my very first experience in "Wreath Creating"~~~~~  I don't have my own private photographer, so the "determined ribbon wrapper" in me, FORGOT to take photos of that step!!  BUT---it's pretty self-explanatory.  Just wrap and glue!

I found these "clip-on" daisies at Michaels...I like that I can remove them, and/or change them out!!

Such a cute little blue bird!  She also clips on!! (Michaels)
Here are the 3 clip-on daisies~~~Blue & Green!!
I found an unpainted "Welcome" set of wired-together letters, also at Michaels.  I painted them blue & green, from acrylic paints I already had.  Then, used the end of my paint brush to create white "polka dots"!

I used my calendar holder (magneted to the side of the refrigerator) to hang "Welcome" and let it dry!  I also sprayed it with a sealer, since it'll hang on my front door.
There it is hanging on my front door!  I have a screen/storm door, so it stays out of the elements---except for the morning sun!  She's not "perfect", but I love the splash of color on the dark color....which we are planning on changing this late spring!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Bathroom "New" Wall....

~~During my weeks of recovery from my surgery....I've had LOTS of time to peruse other blogs, decorating websites, stores, e-zines, etc.....~~
I love the gray color in our guest bathroom, but didn't loooooooove the tea light holder that I had on the wall above the commode.
So, I ordered these wall vinyls.  Now, I'm not a big fan of all the 'wordy' wall vinyls~~not at other homes I've been in, just for mine.  Having said that, I love how these vinyls look in my bathroom!  Take a look.......

This is a SMALL bathroom, so pictures are always a challenge....I promise they're on my walls straight, even and gorgeous, no matter how they appear in the photo!!

I added a couple of the "leftovers" to the small wall right-of-the-door.  I really like how just these inexpensive (and removable) additions make me like this little room, once again!!

A different angle  to show you how lovely these are!!  {At least I think so!}
If you're interested in purchasing these for yourself (or someone you know) here's a link:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paper Quilt Blocks.....

**I actually completed this project several months ago.  I had started this blog, but as life goes, I didn't get time to finish it.  So, here it is~~better late than never.

I was able to *score* a large, old window pane from a friend's used furniture shop....for a whoppin' $5.00!!!

$5.00 Bargain!
I pondered what to actually do with it.....fill it with photos?  Fabrics?  Prints?  And I found a great idea on Pinterest.  I saw paper quilt blocks put together to form a full paper quilt. after researching different quilt block patterns, I chose ones I wanted to use and began cutting, measuring, and gluing scrapbook paper.
Completed Quilt Block

Once I completed the different paper quilt blocks, I had to decide on a lay out, what paper to use as a 'backing' and what little details I should add to each block.
I chose a Burlap-look paper for the backing
The burlap scrapbook paper was complimentary and wouldn't compete with the blocks themselves.
I added some fun tape and ribbons to the edge of the blocks
I love to use the different fun tapes that are available for so many different projects.  So, it was a first choice for this project.
My Assistant
Yes, as always, in my house you will be surrounded by one furbaby or another.  Roxy decided that I needed help holding the blocks in place as I arranged and rearranged them.
I used the kitchen floor to figure out the layout
This took a bit of deciding....hard for such an indecisive person!!
There....I think I like it

Once I felt ok with the layout, I then had to place them in each window pane.....
The finished product
Let me tell you....this puppy is BIG!  I had it hanging in our bedroom for a while, but now, it's in one of the hallways....leading to my craft room, the guest bathroom and the master suite.
Looking towards my craft room door
(The ombre wreath on the door is from  Check out Linda's shop and blog!!)
Towards the front door and foyer
I loved the age & condition of the window frame
A close up of two squares
This was a fun project to tackle!  A friend gave me another window that she had purchased when I got's smaller, but matches exactly.  Came from the same house remodel.  So~~~Who knows what I'll do with it!

Valentine's Day Card for 2013

Just ordered our Valentine's Day card from Shutterfly....

I just LOVE this site.  I order prints, cards, address labels, photo books and many more personalized items.

Stationery card
View the entire collection of cards.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Pool Building Project you well remember, last year I worked on wooden pool signs for our outdoor kitchen & bath area.

And~~~they sat in my office/craft room for a year.  Our budget didn't allow for completing the project as we had hoped.  *sigh*

This spring (after sending arms & legs to the IRS) we began saving for the supplies we would need for our project!!

One of my husband's employees is also a General Contractor and VERRRRRY skilled carpenter.  So, he and my husband worked Sundays and evenings {after work} to put the frame of the building and roof up.  I have to say.....I am a BIG fan of the HARD work they did----well into the night.

The framing began............

And, so did the construction chaos, sawdust and clutter!!!!  Even the pool was full of sawdust!! 

Fast forward a bit.......actually a LOT....and the framing has been finished.  My hubby now worked on installing the inner and outer walls.  Installing the metal roof was SUCH a challenge with such a steep roof pitch.  I actually had to go inside and stop watching him!!!! 

There are not many photos of this stage!!  I literally closed my eyes most of the time, while handing tools up to him!  I wasn't much of an assistant at this stage!  :)

I AM, however, proud to say that my hubby and I built the entire cabinet and counter area ONE day--------------one verrrrrrrrrrrry loooooooooong day!!  (That's me taking a break inside the corner cabinet! 

Uh-huh~~~  I am a multi-tasking assistant!  Not only did I help with the design, measurements and build of the counter/cupboards, I also played project photographer!

I also did ALL of the tiling!  We found this backsplash tile at Home Depot.  It was one of their "special purchases", so we bought every sheet they had!  We even had to go to the other Home Depot in our town and purchase 6 more sheets!  We did pretty good estimating how much we would need....only ended up with 2 sheets extra at the end of the project.

I'm pretty proud of my work.........

These were taken before grout.......

A close-up shot to see the colors!  Aren't they beautiful?!  They remind me of the sand & sea.  Perfect!  It's the effect I was going for~~~a calm & relaxing 'surrender'.

In this photo we are ready for the 4th of July cookout.  We had friends and family over---including family from Florida, here all week.  So much fun....swimming, playing and LOTS of laughing!

Towels and cover-ups already occupy the hooks! 

The door on the end of the building is to the 1/2 bath that we all agree is the BEST addition to the pool area!!  I love the outdoor kitchen with the sinks, built-in grill, the refrigerator and the XM radio!!  But, even I think the bathroom has been the most used and appreciated items!!

Even with the addition of the 12'x32' building, there is still PLENTY of seating and lounging areas all around the pool.

Wish you all were here this summer to enjoy our work (including blood, sweat, and yes---tears)!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring 2012

It's been MUCH too long since I've updated my blog!! I've had a very busy couple of months...So, just to catch you up to my "doings", I'm just going to post a collection of pictures!!

I attended a friend's wedding and made it a girls-getaway! It was a very nice & relaxing 4 days!

I met up with my fellow, local P.I.N.K. Method girls for a healthy (of course) lunch and lots of walking around downtown Asheville, NC. We had so much fun "catching up" and sharing our successes, struggles and seeing "less" of each other! :)

And now, here are some photos of our beautiful (and early) spring weather & scenery...

The azaleas, the tulips, the sunsets, the morning's all a part of our mountain springtime!!
I was blessed to be a part of the N.C. Ms. Wheelchair Pageant as the Judge Coordinator. It was such an honor & blessing to meet these wonderful women & be a part of their special day.
I've been doing a lot of praying for a few of my friends who are dealing with cancer.....I am inspired by their courage, their strength and their faith.
Shirley and Clay are dear friends of ours. Clay has been diagnosed with angiosarcoma. He has had 4 surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. He has chosen to not go forward with anymore treatments, surgeries or scans at this point. Love and prayers are sent to them daily....
Others are also dealing with this horrible disease....a very special little 7-year old has been fighting her diagnosis for about 3 1/2 years now. At this point, she is showing "No Evidence of Disease"! And we all celebrate this statement!! Her Mama has become very, very loved by us and so has her big-sister. Out of respect to them, I have not included any names or photos----but would LOVE to ask you all to include them in your prayers, too.
We are now busy preparing for summer! We've opened up our pool and have it ready! Soon, we begin building our pavillion/outdoor kitchen!!! Pictures and blog will surely follow that project!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Addi's Busy Day

Monday proved to be a busy day for Addison & Mimi (me)! I picked her up at 10:45am.....her brother had a doctor's appointment and I was relieving Addi's daddy of having two kids at the appointment!
Addison and I first went to the beauty supply store so I could get a new blow-dryer. Yep---mine bit the dust. Of course, Addison "needed" a new brush and some nail polish. {I think I got out of there pretty inexpensively!!}
When we left, Addison said she was we went to Papa's Pizza (one of our favorite local spots) to get some lunch.

Addi ordered "plain" spaghetti ("I need parmesan!") and a big glass of milk. {I'm not sure what's up with this new "pose", but she 'struck' it several times during our day!!}

*Silly* faces while waiting on our food!!!

OH!! The joys of slurping up spaghetti!!!!

After lunch, we went to visit Great-Gramma!!

Addison was showing Gramma "how-to" do Mimi's hair!!

*Lovely, eh??


"Joe Cool" in Mimi's sunglasses! {I told you that this 'pose' would reappear!}

We left Gramma's house and went back to Mimi's so Addison can play with the dogs; Jack & Beau.

Addison and Jack immediately plopped on the floor in the living room and watched cartoons on TV. *Best dog EVER!!!

After some playtime outside, Addison and Jack are 'exhausted'! They've curled up on the couch and are watching a movie!! *Ruff Life*

After a full-day of fun, it was time to take Ms. Addison back to her own first, she didn't want to go....but I reminded her that Andrew would be recovering & happy to see his sister. That's all it took!

While I was putting her in her car seat, I said, "You look tired, baby!" Of course, she insisted that she was NOT tired! *Ah-hem....we hadn't driven but a couple of blocks when I saw this in my rear view mirror!!!