Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Paper Quilt Blocks.....

**I actually completed this project several months ago.  I had started this blog, but as life goes, I didn't get time to finish it.  So, here it is~~better late than never.

I was able to *score* a large, old window pane from a friend's used furniture shop....for a whoppin' $5.00!!!

$5.00 Bargain!
I pondered what to actually do with it.....fill it with photos?  Fabrics?  Prints?  And I found a great idea on Pinterest.  I saw paper quilt blocks put together to form a full paper quilt. after researching different quilt block patterns, I chose ones I wanted to use and began cutting, measuring, and gluing scrapbook paper.
Completed Quilt Block

Once I completed the different paper quilt blocks, I had to decide on a lay out, what paper to use as a 'backing' and what little details I should add to each block.
I chose a Burlap-look paper for the backing
The burlap scrapbook paper was complimentary and wouldn't compete with the blocks themselves.
I added some fun tape and ribbons to the edge of the blocks
I love to use the different fun tapes that are available for so many different projects.  So, it was a first choice for this project.
My Assistant
Yes, as always, in my house you will be surrounded by one furbaby or another.  Roxy decided that I needed help holding the blocks in place as I arranged and rearranged them.
I used the kitchen floor to figure out the layout
This took a bit of deciding....hard for such an indecisive person!!
There....I think I like it

Once I felt ok with the layout, I then had to place them in each window pane.....
The finished product
Let me tell you....this puppy is BIG!  I had it hanging in our bedroom for a while, but now, it's in one of the hallways....leading to my craft room, the guest bathroom and the master suite.
Looking towards my craft room door
(The ombre wreath on the door is from  Check out Linda's shop and blog!!)
Towards the front door and foyer
I loved the age & condition of the window frame
A close up of two squares
This was a fun project to tackle!  A friend gave me another window that she had purchased when I got's smaller, but matches exactly.  Came from the same house remodel.  So~~~Who knows what I'll do with it!

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