Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Bathroom "New" Wall....

~~During my weeks of recovery from my surgery....I've had LOTS of time to peruse other blogs, decorating websites, stores, e-zines, etc.....~~
I love the gray color in our guest bathroom, but didn't loooooooove the tea light holder that I had on the wall above the commode.
So, I ordered these wall vinyls.  Now, I'm not a big fan of all the 'wordy' wall vinyls~~not at other homes I've been in, just for mine.  Having said that, I love how these vinyls look in my bathroom!  Take a look.......

This is a SMALL bathroom, so pictures are always a challenge....I promise they're on my walls straight, even and gorgeous, no matter how they appear in the photo!!

I added a couple of the "leftovers" to the small wall right-of-the-door.  I really like how just these inexpensive (and removable) additions make me like this little room, once again!!

A different angle  to show you how lovely these are!!  {At least I think so!}
If you're interested in purchasing these for yourself (or someone you know) here's a link:


  1. What color/brand of paint do you have one the walls? I like it...Tabitha Bishop

  2. Tabitha,
    I have tried and tried to find out what color that was...and I've been unsuccessful. I KNOW that I bought it at Lowe's, but I gave all leftover paint to my daughter and she painted an accent wall in her living room with it.
    I'm sorry...I wish I could help more. IF I think of it, or find it, I'll either let you know here, or on facebook!

  3. Hmmmmm. Looks beautiful. Question: Did you just do this? If so, should you have? Just a Mama question.

  4. So very pretty! Love it. You are so creative. I enjoyed looking at all your work.

  5. Very pretty! I enjoyed looking at all your work. You're so creative!