Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Wreath

I don't know about y'all, but I'm MORE than ready for the warmer weather to arrive & stay!

So, during my surgical-recovery-boredom, I made my own wreath!  I follow several blogs~~and these talented ladies make it look so easy!

Actually, it's NOT hard to do....I just have to let my need for perfection (*read OCD*) take a bit of a break.  'Cause, me and ribbon aren't exactly the best of friends!

So, here's a few pictures of my very first experience in "Wreath Creating"~~~~~  I don't have my own private photographer, so the "determined ribbon wrapper" in me, FORGOT to take photos of that step!!  BUT---it's pretty self-explanatory.  Just wrap and glue!

I found these "clip-on" daisies at Michaels...I like that I can remove them, and/or change them out!!

Such a cute little blue bird!  She also clips on!! (Michaels)
Here are the 3 clip-on daisies~~~Blue & Green!!
I found an unpainted "Welcome" set of wired-together letters, also at Michaels.  I painted them blue & green, from acrylic paints I already had.  Then, used the end of my paint brush to create white "polka dots"!

I used my calendar holder (magneted to the side of the refrigerator) to hang "Welcome" and let it dry!  I also sprayed it with a sealer, since it'll hang on my front door.
There it is hanging on my front door!  I have a screen/storm door, so it stays out of the elements---except for the morning sun!  She's not "perfect", but I love the splash of color on the dark color....which we are planning on changing this late spring!!!!!


  1. Thanks so much for your ideas. (Especially the clip on's). I'm going to be making a spring wreath, & this helps. Your wreath is beautiful!

  2. Love how your spring wreath turned out! Especially the painted Welcome sign. Love these bright and bold colors!